Published on June 8, 2011 by Mihai Maruseac
Tagged: Jekyll, ROSEdu, git

This blog started as an idea of Răzvan Deaconescu based on the fact that several members of ROSEdu already had technical blogs (linked here on the right) but they were not updated on a regular basis. Having a community blog solves this problem and allows for a greater diversity among the topics presented. Without further ado, this is it.

Excluding this article, the blog will contain technical articles, tips and tricks, quick hacks to solve some problems and some articles explaining different things related to IT.

Thanks go to: Alex Juncu (setting up the original Apache stuff), Răzvan Deaconescu (coming up with this idea and setting up the initial repository), Mihai Maruseac (configuration, layout, workflow both in the Jekyll version and the Haskell one and content manager), Matei Oprea, Marius Ungureanu and Alex Pălcuie (content managers).

If you wish to contribute, contact us at .

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